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Community Benefit

How We Got Started

The Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded by parents of children with epilepsy who were heartbroken/devastated by the inability to stop their children's seizures, side effects and cognitive decline. These parents turned their anguish into action and have dedicated themselves to improving the outcome for all children, teens and adults diagnosed with epilepsy in Orange County.

How We Network

People who care are at the heart of the Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County. In our collaborative efforts we bring professionals in the medical, educational, and support services to create sustainable solutions in dealing with the everyday challenges that people living with epilepsy endure.

Our work

The urgent goal is to help those affected by epilepsy to get and maintain seizure control. To alleviate the stress and uncertainty, we offer support groups to educate and encourage our members along every step of their journey. We do this by offering a continuum of support for every age, for parents and children, teens, and adults.

Who we work with

Everyone’s experience with epilepsy is different and yet there are just as many similarities, it’s this combination that offers opportunities for others to learn from each other. Our relationship is not with epilepsy but with the person, and as they get control of their seizures they encounter new challenges. Our services address this dynamic beginning with families of children, teens, adults, and their community.

Why create a network

The Epilepsy Support Network is an organization beginning in Orange County, California from the strength and courage of parents of children diagnosed with epilepsy. Their children’s journey through years of seizures and pharmaceutical side-affects has given them the knowledge, compassion and insights to help others.

What we bring

Our services bring people together in a supportive environment that fulfills the need for comfort in an empowering and educational forum. We bring opportunities that advocate for people affected by epilepsy in Orange County.

Together We are Strong

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Collectively, it’s the people in our network who’s capacity to care and educate that encourages and motivates people whose lives are being affected by epilepsy. We invite you to support us.

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Who We Are

What You Can Do!

  • Support our cause with your online shopping purchases by signing up at A portion of each purchase at over 700 online stores goes directly to supporting our services.
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How to Reach Us

1500 Adams Ave, Ste. 301
Costa Mesa, California 92626

(714) 916-0456 phone

(657) 215-8402 fax

Janna L. Moore
Executive Director

Meghan Metzger
Director of Programs

Chantel Rothenburger
Childcare Coordinator

Leah Figueroa

Childcare Program Specialist

Denise Kwan
Teen Coordinator

Alexandra Morales
Spanish Interpreter